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I Got A Free .com Domain Name

This is rather unexpected. I just browsing through the web last night and going through forum to forum when I found a link to what was claiming was free .com domains.

I was really skeptical. For one, the only free domains I know are .tk, and But I checked it out anyway, thinking it couldn’t hurt. I tried it and signed-up but it said that I had to wait for 9pm Paris time. That was ok, it was just 30 minutes away. And sure enough, I had my free .com domain name.

I was really lucky because when I signed-up there were only two batches left. Each batch had 2000 vouchers. Looks a lot right? Not really. Available vouchers were decreasing by the hundreds every few seconds, and I’m not exaggerating. I was really lucky. That was around 4am here. There was another batch in a few hours and I wanted to check out if there was a way for me to get another one because they said that its only one domain per account.

I used this promo:

Had I found out about it earlier, I would have shared it here. Too bad. But thanks Gandi!

free domain

check out

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  1. Congratulations for your new .com domain BUT I hope you’re not in a trap. Some companies are giving free .com domains but will charge you sky high during renewals. Most however are not doing this practice, I hope Gandi is one of them.