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Union Bank Customer Service Win

I recently signed-up for Union Bank and so far, I am fairly impressed.

Even though its less popular, I chose Union Bank because it can be used for Paypal. I also tried to use it for my bill payments. I initially didn’t find my Biller on their list (Innove for Globe Broadband).

What I loved is that when I tweeted @talk2Globe for help, almost immediately, I got a reply from @unionbankph.

So I proceeded to pay may long overdue Internet bill. I paid three months worth of Internet, hehe. The transaction went smoothly on the Union Bank side. I’m just waiting so I can check if the payment went through the Globe account.

My concern is that the Union Bank online banking interface is painfully slow. I know it has to be secure and stuff but it does not have to be that slow. Competitor’s online banking services are way faster. But I am not at a point where I am complaining yet. Im still fairly satisfied with Union Bank.

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