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11 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Blogs And Blogging

So how can you tell if you are a little addicted to blogs or blogging?

1. You check your blog more often than your email, Facebook, Twitter or other Social Networkign sites.

2. You think about changing your theme or you change your theme every week or everytime you see a new theme you like. You have not used a theme that lasted for more than a month.

3. You are too busy thinking about how you will blog about something you are currently doing that you forget to actually pay attention and you end up not enjoying it as much as you think you should.

4. You want to do something or attend something for the sake of blogging about it more than actually wanting to.

5. You match people you know to the different blogs you know. For example, “Im sure person A will enjoy reading this blog, My friend B will enjoy reading that blog and so on…” And when you meet someone for the first time, one of the first things that go into head is “This person will like this blog or that blog…”

6. You got at least one person you know to start a blog.

7. You have more than one blog.

8. You use AdSense or you know about AdSense.

9. You don’t consider a personal experience as significant unless you have blogged about it.

10. You have several friends you met through blogging that you haven’t met in real life.

11. You post links to your latest blog posts on your Facebook or Twitter status.

Guilty? ­čśÇ

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