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Baby James Saying “Villar.” What Does It Mean?

It was amusing to the very least. And since I’m not voting for either Noy nor Villar, I should care less. But its literally everywhere so here is my take on the incedent.

It only means two things:

Villar is really overdoing his media campaign. Its everywhere – TV, Internet and perhaps radio (I don’t listen to radio so I don’t know for sure.) And as we can see, its very effective. But no, I am still *NOT* voting for Villar. I saw on a Pugad Baboy comic that since elections are to be automated, its gonna be harder to cheat (for now. I’m sure those bastards will find a way around it sooner or later) and all the “cheating money” will instead go to media hype. Looks like its happening.

Baby James is watching too much TV
– Kids repeat what they hear and see often. This leads me to think that Baby James watches too much TV. Some parents Kris and James Yap are. I also think this is karma. This is what happens when you tag you unknowing kid along to campaign for your brother. I say let the kid be a kid. Its bad enough he is forced to act with his mom even before he learns to write.

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