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Even Lito Lapid Looks Good When Compared To Noynoy

Let me make things clear first. I am not voting for either of the two. But the picture does make a point and a very good one at that.

Even Lito Lapid Looks Good When Compared To Noynoy

Even Lito Lapid Looks Good When Compared To Noynoy.

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  1. I don’t know much about these two but I agree with you that based on these stats Lapid looks better than Noynoy. The amount of bills he has authored shows that he’s really trying to make a difference and change the way things are. The other question, of course, is whether or not people actually agree with the changes he’s trying to make. -Josh

  2. Sort of makes you wonder what Noynoy is doing in politics other than spending money doesn’t it? Aren’t your politicians accountable for what they do, not that he seems to be doing much at all?

  3. @Sire they should be held accountable but hell, we got soldiers charged for rebellion running and winning in the senate here. And Noynoy is still number one in surveys for presidency. The political scene here is driven by how famous the candidates are and not by how good they are.

  4. “ability” is not nearly as important as “winnability” when choosing candidates. it used to be the mentality of political parties. it’s slowly being adopted by voters.

  5. We should really look at the credentials of these people and we should not based it on popularity alone.