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Looking Back At Santino And The Catholic Church’s Current Issue

God forbid I am writing this (pun intended). I used to think that it was some sort of joke but seeing the news these past few days, I realize that stories about Church men molesting little boys are very real.

Last I hear, the Catholic church is blaming homosexuality for the child molestation cases they are facing. They say that celebacy has nothing to do with it. But what I am more concerned is that child molestation cases against priests and Church people are real. And priests tend to gravitate towards little boys.

Now lets look back at Santino. I have always made fun of how events in local prime time shows would never happen in real life. May Bukas Pa was no exception. I thought everything happening there was just too outrageous and sensationalized.

Santino was always the priests’ top priority. I couldn’t figure out just why. This little boy was far more important than taking care of the town or any other Church funnction. Something happens to the boy and practically the whole parish is immediately thrown into red alert status. Why? He’s just a boy. If he was a regular orphan, he should be under the care of the DSWD and not the local Church. This show is stupid, I thought.

But now that I know that priests especially love little boys like Santino, I think I know why those May Bukas Pa priests love Santino. Who know ABS-CBN writers can write so accurately?

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