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PR Update! PR3 Now!

I was dead excited when this blog became a PR1 blog. After a quarter, Google does its PR update again. And I am even more excited.

This is now a PR3 blog! Yay! After almost a year of blogging here and applying SEO for about six months, this is now a PR3 blog! Thanks to all who a accepted my link exchange requests and those who requested a link exchange from me. See them at my blogroll.

When I got my free .com domain, aside from getting my Alexa ranking tanked, my PR also sank to NA. But now that Google did a PR update and I got a PR3, I’m happy.


I guess making all the comment author links do-follow didn’t really kill this blog’s SEO. So if you want an instant PR3 link, just leave a comment on any of my posts. =)

Check your Page Rank at

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