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SM City Batangas Cinemas In 3D

I saw it when I watched How To Train Your Dragon. On April 21, 2010, SM Cinema in Batangas City will be in 3D. Bout time. There might be hope yet for our sleepy town.

Too bad they didn’t make it earlier in time for How To Train Your Dragon. I love that movie!

Update: I heard that the price of tickets is Php250.

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  1. OMFG. Is this for real? There you go. I might. Might consider going back to that place and watch a movie. Who knows? This year is jam-packed with awesome sequels and series so this is timely. Ironman2 in 3D. Wow! WHY DIDN’T THEY INVENT THIS AND MADE IT AVAILABLE IN BATANGAS WHEN WE WERE STILL KIDS?!? Unfair.

  2. Too bad it wasn’t in time for How To Train Your Dragon. But yeah, there are still lots of upcoming movies that are supposed to be great this year. =)