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When Traditional Media Follows New Media

Of all the forms of mass media, the Internet is no doubt the youngest. For decades, newspapers, TV and radio ruled mass media. And now, with not even a decade of mainstream existence, traditional media is already learning from new media.

One of the reasons the Internet is so popular is because its largely user-generated. The most popular content are those created by users and not the usual “big guys”. The most viral YouTube videos are those uploaded by normal day-to-day people, Facebook thrives on the photos and stories uploaded by its users. Its just like the fact that you are reading this blog. You are consuming media provided by a fellow user – me. User generated content is what’s keeping the Internet going.

And you know this formula is working when traditional media giants adapt this concept. Massively popular Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo, uses this concept. Why get your reporters do additional work or hire additional workers when you can get your viewers to do it for you? Just set up the system and wait for the content to come in. The program generates more and (possibly better?) content and creates a better connection between the network and the viewers. The same concept is followd by GMA’s Youscoop.

Good job, Internet.

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