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Apple Should Be Ashamed Of Being Virus-Free

Apple has been known to be a “more secure” platform compared to Microsoft. Macs have boasted a “no-virus” environment for years now and Apple has been applauded for this. I don’t think Apple should be proud of this. As a matter of fact, I think they should be ashamed.

Why? Because Apple’s market share is so small that virus makers don’t even bother with Macs. This is the same reason UNIX is also more secure. No one writes viruses for these systems because no one uses them! (I take that back – UNIX is secure.)

“How would you know, you’re not a programmer. Apple is really THAT secure!”

I seriously doubt that. Why? One word – Jailbreak. A jailbreak is almost always available within 24 hours of a firmware update. Is that a secure system? And Apple voiding warranties on jailbroken devices tells me they don’t want their precious “iDevicesjailbroken. But people can still do it anyway. The iPhone has also been a target of several security leaks. Why? because its popular.

Think of it this way, there are no re-occurring viruses on Friendster, unlike the kind and number we see on Facebook. Does that mean that Friendster is more secure than Facebook? I don’t think so.

So I think Apple should instead rejoice when it gets a report of a widespread virus on Macs. That is a signal that Macs are getting a significant market share.

Update: What is a secure system? A PS3. It’s a four-year old system and it still doesn’t run pirated discs. While its “batch mates” the Wii and XBOX 360 have been hacked into and runs bootleg games.

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  1. i partly agree that apple doesn’t have a significant market share but i think it’s still more secure. 🙂
    *bloghopping. exchange links? just give me a heads up back in my blog. thanks!*

  2. Apple really is more secure because it hackers don’t spend time on it. That’s because very few people use it. (compared to MS) 🙂

    I’m open to x-links. Just visit my blogroll. Thanks.

  3. I disagree about unix, Its a very secure OS even if it becomes as popular as MS. Majority of forbes list of top companies and banks use unix because its very secure. Its the design of unix that makes it secure,virus and hackers cannot just penetrate the system because it has to go through alot of “permissions” and you have to log in as “root” to access the system. Unlike MS Os’s the implementation of the “registry” and technologies such as VB script and activeX make it so vulnerable to virus and hackers.

  4. dBlah I agree with dBlah…Apple rocks and it secured!! I believe that hacker or not spending time on it because they got no idea how to deal with it…

  5. I agree with Unix. But Apple? Only if Mac becomes as popular and as widely used as Windows will we be able to tell. I do not think it’s that secured.

  6. i think that people who own macs are individuals w/ huge businesses and make a lot of money than those who use MS. so even if you say “Apple’s market share is so small”, if the hackers get successful in doing their thing then they r still hitting big time, don’t u think?

    what’s better between a lake with plenty of fishes, but the fishes are small than a pond, with less fishes but really big ones? i think they’re just equal.

    also, not all people agree that, again quote, “Apple’s market share is so small”, try searching in google the keywords ‘apple’s market share vs microsoft’ and you’ll see.

  7. I would compare Apple’s market share to Bing’s share in the search market. We know it’s growing but it’s still hardly a competition. I still consider it “small.” But hey, that’s just my opinion, I’m just another tech enthusiast. Besudes, I’m not looking for everyone to agree with me. 🙂

    “people who own macs are individuals w/ huge businesses and make a lot of money than those who use MS” – I don’t think so. A big chunk of the MS market share is from business platforms. You know – those thousands upon thousands of office cubicle computers running on Windows and MS Office. And if I’m a big boss of these companies, why would I run a different system on my computer? Wouldn’t it make things harder for me, my employees and my IT guy? Not to mention more expensive.

    Make no mistake, I am no MS nor Apple fan boy. This thought just came to me one day. 🙂

    Thanks for your opinions. Keep em coming. I’d love to know what you guys think. 😀