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Door Knobs, Keys, Wood Putty and Dirty Clothes

So this week our door, door knob and us had a very interesting experience.

Here it goes…

The other day, my mom asked to meet her at the mall and bring my laptop because she needs to do some typing work as we don’t have a proper “working desk” at home and she gets tired staying on the computer too long. But apparently, she can stay on Facebook until midnight in an uncomfortable position but can’t type for more than an hour.

So I was about to leave the house and before I leave the bedroom, I put my finger in the tiny pouch in my bag and checked if I had my keys with me. I touched my lanyard and pieces of metal I have my keys. And I proceed to lock the door and get ready to leave. When I got out, I realized that the hanky I had was a dirty one so I tried to go back in to the bedroom to get a fresh handkerchief. But I was shocked.

My bedroom keys are not with me!

You see, I carry five pieces of keys. This set includes the bedroom key and our front door key. But when I tried to unlock the bedroom, I found out that my front door key and bedroom key are missing. The other three keys are left alone, along with the lanyard that I use as a keychain, while the two most important keys that I carry are gone. This bothered me a LOT. Like everyone else, I ALWAYS know where my keys are. I have a place where I keep them at home and I always bring it with me when I go out.

When I’m at home, I never leave the house. I mean, when I’m at home, I don’t go out. I don’t go loiter at the nearest sari-sari store and such. My bag (where my keys are) is always with me when I’m at home. My bag is in the bedroom and I know everyone or anyone who goes in there and when. And why would the only the two most important keys go missing? I knew that the way those two keys were attached to the rest was a little loose. But still, I had 24/7 watch over it. It cannot go missing.

Anyway, when I got to the mall, my mom gave me more bad news. She had no bedroom key with her too. And to make things worse, we got home at around 9 pm.

I had no choice but to chisel the door and pick the knob. I don’t know how to pick a lock and it was late to call someone to do it. At 9 pm, I was hammering through a very solid door. The thing is, this isn’t the first time that door had to be chiseled open. This has happened before. And to fix the door, they put in wood putty to fill in the chiseled wood (from the first time, way back then). That wood putty was put in by a very good carpenter and is molded in a very close manner. No chance of using a card of some sort to open the door. This made my job a lot harder. Its bad enough that its getting darker and darker as the night ripens. See, I have been visually impaired for more than half my life and even though I wear glasses, its still a far cry from a normal 20/20 vision. And even if I can turn on the lights, its still not as good as daylight. Also, the angles from all available lights outside the bedroom provide horrible lighting conditions. The evening summer heat isn’t helping either.

At around 9:30, we were finally able to get in. But this didn’t ease me much. I was still worried how the hell did my two keys go missing.

And finally yesterday, we decided to buy two door knobs to replace the ones with the corresponding missing keys. We also bought some wood putty to fix the door. I was able to change the door knob for the bedroom with little difficulty. It was the first time I ever tried to change a door knob. I didn’t try to change the door knob for the front door because it’s a different type and there is a chance I might not be able to put it back together so late at night. So I finished up the bedroom door and put in the wood putty. The wood putty smelled horrible! It smells like those chemicals you find on beuty parlors. You know, those hair products that seem to do more harm than good. Pure poison, I tell you.

Then we thought that we’d just leave one key outisde the bedroom always. This key would be kept in a secret location. This will prevent any future lock-outs. I thought everything will be ok.

BUT this morning, we found the two missing keys in the dirty laundy. WTF. FML. On the one hand, at least I don’t have to change the front door knob. On the other hand, we shed more than 1k bucks on door knobs and wood putty. And all the work was exhasuting. It was good exercise I know but I hate getting tired, let alone getting tired for nothing! Anyway, we can always keep the door knobs and use them when we really need them. It’s not like they’re perishable.

Finding the keys didn’t ease my thinking. I am still puzzled HOW it left my bag and got mixed with the dirty clothes. I kid you not when I say I have specific knowledge of where my keys are 24/7. It’s just like my wallet and cellphone.

Moral of the story: None. I’d like to think I did noting wrong. I reacted to every situation the way I should.

But still, how the hell did those two pieces of keys leave the other three and jumped out of my bag?

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