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Why Binay Is Winning

I don’t really like Mayor Jejomar Binay. I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t like it when he said he was poor and had to feed pigs when he was a kid instead of playing with other kids. It was their piggery for crying out loud!

Fast forward to the 2010 National Elections, people are wondering how and why he is leading the count for the vice-president polls. Here are a few thoughts:

1. He is selling the idea of “Makati.” He is branding Makati as “Binay.” First of all, I think that it wrong. Makati was progressive and industrialized when he got there. He did NOT create the business district. I think people are buying the idea of Makati instead of Binay. Wrong.

2. Chiz Escudero. Lets face it, the man has overflowing charisma just like our former president Erap. His endorsement might not ba as powerful as something like that of INC but its enough to throw survey second placer Legarda out of the race and challenge the front runner.

3. Aquino + Erap. He is a known Aquino ally and he gets lots of Aquino votes. Furthermore, he also gets Erap votes. Its like he is the running mate of two presidential candidates.

Binay Noynoy

Mar is the front runner for the whole campaign period. Its more understandable that he is battling for the top position in the polls now. Unlike Binay who was almost always at constant third. Either Mar or Binay can win for all I care. I didn’t vote for either.

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  1. If I may add.

    I think that obvious ethnicity of Binay made him an image of a vice president of the people. He doesn’t look like an elitista.

    Just saying. ^_^

  2. Good point of view. From the news today, seems that Binay is still leading on the poll but on Mar’s camp they are saying that Mar is leading based from the COC they have. Dalawa lang yan… either merong Panalo or merong Nadaya. 🙂