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This will be a short post. I’m going out for lomi in a few minutes.

On Plurk, I saw a friend said she has made $200+ in two weeks writing online. Naturally, I was intersted. After all, its another way to make money online.

So I signed up and did their preliminary tests. I did that Saturday night. Their FAQ said that applicants must wait for 24-48 hours for their response. But I applied on a Saturday night so figured I’d wait till Wednesday. I only counted business days.

But today is Wednesday and I still have no response. If I was rejected, that’s fine. But they should at least tell me. They said that they would send an email. So I contacted their chat support and spoke with Daniel. He said “Hi” then I waited for 10 minutes with no response. Then he told me I have to wait for 2-3 weeks.

Update: So they got in touch with me today – Thursday. The website and the chat support were both wrong. And I was declined. I am not surprised. Oh well.

Thank you for your interest in the freelance writer position at After a careful review of your recent on-line application we regret to inform you that we can not accept your application. At the present time your skills, experience, and education do not match our current needs and hiring requirements.

Again, we appreciate your interest in our company and wish you the best of luck in your job search and future endeavors.

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  1. I can vouch for them. I earned a bit of money when I was super active. I hope you get in. I don’t know if they are looking for new writers eh. I hope so. ^_^

  2. When I was still writing 2500 words were 250. I varies actually. For articles that take a shorter time to make (the regular time would be 24 hours) it costs more. For articles that are rushed or assigned it cost higher I think. (You would have to forgive me it’s been a while since I wrote for them. My day job got in the way. But I might write again when my office folds.) As far as I can remember they start you out as a part of the black team (newbs and trainees) then you get hired officially, you get a contract (they say you have to sign this then send it back to them so you have legal rights to sue them if they don’t pay you) then you get assigned to a color team. Red, green, etc. Then if you become an awesome writer who exceeds time and metrics you can get bumped up to the elite writers team (I think this are the blue team people).

    I know a few writers who are now editors in this company. So it’s a cool company. Read up here

  3. I was a writer at That site is a scam, they’ll make all the deductions, so you’ll end up almost having no earnings at all. If you have no deductions, they will delay the payment for so long if they have any plans of paying you at all. Some were paid true enough, but after a while they’ll start deducting penalties so they will be obligated to work more for them, and in the end, that writer will have more deductions than what he actually earned.

    I quit these fake site and they should be reported because they haven’t paid me and I didn’t quit for a long time. Then I realized they were just using my name to get customers. When I realized that they were just stalling me, I quit immediately. Let’s report this site!

  4. Do your research and search for you’ll soon find out that this company is a scam.

  5. is not a scam. I have been working for he company for more than a year now, although I must tell you that they are very strict when it comes to quality and deadline issues. I agree with in not admitting you as one of their writers because this particular blog shows you can’t produce a well-written article. I tell you, if you want to make money with, you must be very competent and that your writing skills must be able to pass the client’s requirements. I not defending the company. A year ago they withheld my salary for two months for violation of their rules and regulations. But yes, I want to stick to this company because unlike before, they want to retain their top writers and they pay well.

  6. @Karlos Wow you’re stupid. I, myself, never said it was a scam. Also, you pointing out my competency is kinda ironic. “I not defending the company.”

    I have no grudge whatsoever with the company. If they reject me, fine. I couldn’t care less.

    If it works for you, good for you then.

  7. I just had the test yesterday. I was pretty excited to know the results. Then, I saw your comments about the company. I guess I won’t continue it.

  8. I know this issue is already an old one, but I got my confirmation as a writer right after two business days…

  9. Hi, I am currently working for I was about to start my first day there when I first read these posts. I was discouraged of course, I have other job offers to consider so I was indecisive whether to continue or not. But since I was applying with my bestfriend whose cousin is already working for writers, I gave it a try. And it’s been a week since I got my first salary. NO delays, NO deductions, clients are very kind and approachable, my workmates are really COOL, =)The work is not easy though, you have to study and read a lot, bring your work home sometimes but you can earn $100 in two days if you’re really eager. I tell you, is not a scam. you can call them if you want to, they have contact numbers in their website. I am working in their office though and applied there too, not online.

  10. I had been working as online writer for for more than a year. Delayed payments and deductions are part of the job but they do pay and even offer bonuses for quality work. I like the company because of the freedom I get…I only take orders I like to write about when I feel like writing and that is something I cannot find in other companies.

  11. how true is that? I was at and it is an affiliate company too. What is the address of Because from where I write, they have a valid address and a company. So where is’s office in the philippines?

  12. I want to know where their office is. Because I am not confident with working with people who has something to hide. like or

  13. what I meant was,, where I currently work has a valid address. so where does asiawriters and fall? I like being at They are real people that I can chat and talk too. I’m part of Red team though demoted to Brown team in a way. I won’t replace them. They are real people.

    This is my opinion.

  14. is locally known as Total Net Research and Marketing, Inc. Located at 11/f Burgundy Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati City and has recruitment center at 5/f First Life Bldg, Salcedo St. Makati City near Makati Med. nkakakatakot namn sila parang ayaw ko na tuloy.

  15. im a new writer in… iv read ol wat you hav to say… and i think il take my chances on the company…
    nwei, am just sorry for the one who cant read through a typographical error… maybe that’s the reason why you were not recruited? 🙂

  16. I just applied for both and I do hope I get in although I am a bit apprehensive as to which company to choose. It seems that has more positive feedbacks than the other. I would really like to pursue writing and I hope both of these companies are legitimate. Writing an aricle is not as easy so I hope the web will not be used to exploit people’s talent.

  17. I’d say, if you’re in dire need of money, don’t work with them.. its not a reliable source of income.. they’ll just pimp your brains and screw you 10x over..but if you’re sure u wanna work with them, then make sure ur work is sublime ^^