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iTouch : One Of The Little Things That Bother Me

Every one of us has those little, irrelevant things that we can’t just let go. Whether it’s a little grammatical thing or the way someone talks or dresses, pointing out such things will just make us look like some narrow-minded tight-ass so we just eventually let it go even though we feel like we like to choke someone out of annoyance.

One thing for me is the iTouch. No, not the iPod Touch, I love my iPod Touch, it’s iTouch. The term iTouch. There is no such thing as an iTouch. Apple NEVER called the iPod Touch as iTouch. Saying iTouch sounds perverted to me.

— The iPhone is not an iPod Phone. So why should the iPod Touch be an iTouch??

— We don’t see people calling the iPod Nano and iNano or the iPod Shuffle the iShuffle. So why should the iPod Touch be an iTouch??

When I hear people say iTouch, it makes me think they touch themselves. Creepy.

Apple will most likely never call the iPod Touch an iTouch because

a) it’s creepy
b) it sucks
c) there is already a real iTouch

But then again, Apple did come up with something called “iPad.” Still, iTouch is a big no-no for me. Sometimes I wish people would stop being so lazy. It’s just one syllable.

i – Pod – Touch
1 – 2 – 3

i – Touch
1 -2

What is wrong with saying “pod” ?? Is it that hard to say pod? Geez

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