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Free Hosting

Yes, I am offering free hostinng. More info after the jump.

This is perfect for Blogspot bloggers who want to move to self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Why am I giving away this hosting? As I said before, I bought this hosting plan a few months ago. But now it’s just idle. So I thought why not help bloggers and host their blog for them?

What will you get? You get a free hosting and I install WordPress for you. I won’t provide the domain name. I will NOT give CPanel access because this is not a dedicated server. I will just add your domain on my hosting.

This is best for those who want to try out WordPress and those who have side projects and has limited resources. If you are not technical and just want to focus blogging and not the technical aspects, this is for you.

Is it really free? Well, I just ask for two thing in return. One is you maintain your blog. Post regularly and don’t forget your blog. Second is a site-wide widget with a link to this blog. That’s it.

You can get your domain here.

If you are interested, contact me.

Thanks. 🙂