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My Last Name Makes A Good Logo

I think it looks good.


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How To Train Your Dragon Review

Yesterday, April 10, 2010, something changed in my life. Unexpectedly, I have an new all-time favorite movie. Yes, this movie trumps everything else I’ve seen before in my quarter century existence. And like my other favorite movies, this caught was caught off guard. Before this, my all-time favorite was American Beauty. I just saw American […]

Online Shopping

I love online shopping. Online shopping is a couch potato’s dream come true. But seriously, it provides lots of perks that regular shopping can only dream of offering to buyers and consumers. Unfortunately, that is not to say that online shopping is without a flaw. Everything, after all, has its ups and downs. One thing […]

I Don’t Get The KFC Double Down

I’m carnivorous, for the most part. I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t eat fruits. I love meat. But there is such a thing as “too much” for me. Initially, I was surprised with the double patty from our local burger fast food chains. I thought it was too much. We are a people raised to […]