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See You In Hell

Lately I’ve been watching a shitload of Ray William Johnson videos. And I found this little gem, if you will.

A little background first, Ray William Johnson is the second most subscribed YouTuber right now and what he does is he reviews viral videos twice a week. So it’s safe to say that all the videos he does are pretty entertaining, to say the least.

But there is this one video that stood out for me. He featured this video entitled Best Cry Ever. The video is about a guy on the TV show Intervention.

Even if you don’t like all that drama, you gotta respect the show and what it does for people. You also gotta respect the “guests” on the show. They are all trying to change lives here. They want to make a difference.

With that said, please don’t damn me when I say I laughed hard when I saw this video. This is a guy crying and sort of breaking down on the show. I know I shouldn’t laugh at them but I can’t help it!

Are you laughing too? You should be ashamed of yourself. See you in hell. LOL 😀

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