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The Camera Purchase Process Continues

Weeks ago, I started to look around for a DSLR Camera. I was making progress but then things happened and now I’m looking for other options.

I’m still buying the Canon EOS 500D but I won’t be buying from Ebuystore. I got tired of them. I got tired of wating for 1-3 days for each email reply. Their emails weren’t very clear too. Each of their email was ended with “please do not hesitate to reply to this email…” but they kept telling me to call their office. I’m not in Metro Manila and we don’t have a landline here to calling them would be very expensive and time-consuming for me. The last straw is that they told me sign-up to their website to have my questions answered. That is stupid.

The error message was the first reason why I opted to communicate via email. How can they refer me to something that is not working properly? And that message has been there for months.

Now I’m thinking of just buying from deric_sy from Tipidpc. His Canon EOS 550D package includes a DSLR bag and a screen guard and it’s just Php 26,499 (excluding shipping.)

But I have other things to take care of first. I have lots of work to do and I’m not really back to health yet.

Anyway, thank you but no thanks Ebuystore. I will not be purchasing from you guys.

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  1. Baka madami po kayong tanong kaya kayo pinapatawag sa ofc just kidding ehhehe

    We are also here in cebu and have been doing business with them so far smooth naman lagi ang transaction items arrived on time.