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Camera Purchase Update

No, I have not forgotten about buying a camera. I have just been a little busy these past few days.

After careful comparison, I have decided that I’ll do for DBGadgets. I bought a cellphone and an iPod Touch from them around two years ago. Though that transaction involved a lot less money, it did go by smoothly. I deposited the money, and the next day, I got the package. Besides, their Canon Kiss X3 package is the most competitive. I inquired via text, and for 26,800 Php, I get the DSLR package with the kit lens plus a memory card, screen guard and a DSLR bag. Other packages have an extra charge for one of more of those freebies and their price is higher, too.

Unfortunately, DBGadgets has no unit in stock right now. Their stocks will be coming in on Tuesday. I don’t mind, I can wait.

Very excited. 🙂

BTW, a friend of mine is selling gadgets. I actually inquired with him. But being that he is a middle man and he needs to travel with the merch, his prices are a little steep compared to the others (it also depends on his supplier, whom I don’t know). However, if you are in the Batangas area, I suggest you try to purchase from him if you are skeptical of an online transaction. He works in Manila and goes home to Batangas every week. He was a school mate in high school. Trustworthy guy.

Forget about mall prices. Those are waaaaaaaaaay too high. And not taking anything from our local mall sales staff, but they are not exactly super-experts on the stuff they are selling. There is no real advantage in purchasing in a local mall other than location. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read more about it in my dilemma weeks ago. Make sure to take note of the price difference on malls and online purchases.

Since my friend lives in Batangas, you don’t have to worry about location. If you are interested, contact me and I’ll refer you to him.

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