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I Don’t Get The KFC Double Down

I’m carnivorous, for the most part. I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t eat fruits. I love meat. But there is such a thing as “too much” for me.

Initially, I was surprised with the double patty from our local burger fast food chains. I thought it was too much. We are a people raised to eat our meals with more carbs and less protein. I thought that such things like the double patty burgers would not be popular over here. But it was. That’s just too much meat, not to mention it’s fast food.

Then there’s the Wendy’s Baconator. Now the patty and cheese are not enough, they had to put in bacon. Heart attack, anyone? This one is also available here in the Philippines.

Then I saw the KFC Double Down on the Internet a few months ago. The first ad that I saw was the Double Down logo literally on women’s behinds. It was printed on their pants. It has a funny caption and I think I saw it in one of the Cheezburger Network websites. I can’t remember. But then I saw more and more stories and comments about this “Double Down” so I checked it out. I literally cringed when I found out what it was.

It’s bacon, cheese and dressing sandwiched between two chicken fillets! Who needs bread!? Lets douse the whole thing in oil and fat!! Cholesterol! Calories!

I thought, “there is absolutely NO WAY that that thing would sell in the Philippines. Good thing it’s not making its way over here.”

And for a few months, that was true. Until just this month, it was launched locally. I was a little shocked. But then again, if it made money in the US, why wouldn’t they bring it here? The bigger shock for me was that KFC is literally running out of Double Down’s in their stores! People love it so much.

I don’t get it! Yes, chicken is good. Yes, bacon is good. And yes, cheese is very, very good. (trivia: I love cheese) But to eat them all at once? With no bread or rice? repeat: Heart attack, anyone?

Who would eat this stuff? With the amount of calories it has, you can skip the next full meal and still be full. But then again; to each, his own.

Maybe it’s because of the ad campaign for the new product. There are ads on TV. The online marketing is moving good as well. The local KFC Facebook Page is pushing it. Their landing page is even a teaser for the sandwich.

My Filipino taste is coming to the surface here when I say that the only way I’m gonna eat a Double Down is if I had it with lots of rice or bread, and NOT by itself.

How about you? How do you feel about this sandwich? Have you tried it? Do you like it?

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