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Last Quarter!!

In basketball, the last querter is always the most exhausting. It takes the most out of the team (and the audience) physically, mentally and emotionally. This last quarter of 2010 is kinda like the same for me.

What’s worse, we’re just midway the fourth quater.

To kick things off, my grandmother got sick. After that, my nephew got sick just right before his birthday. Then his mom (my sister-in-law) got Dengue. Around this time, my grandma was so sick and weak she was hospitalized. She was actually in the room beside my sister-in-law’s. Then when my grandmother got well and went home, my niece got sick. Then my brother was the one who got sick. To make things worse, my sister-in-law is still getting a “postive” on her Dengue lab tests. This is weeks after she was discharged from the hospital. Then almost one month after my grandmother was discharged from the hospital, she passes away. Then one day after her funeral, I get sick. That was last Thursday. It’s Monday today and I still have come-and-go fever. That’s five days and running. This is the longest time I’ve ever been sick in my whole life. And now my niece is sick again.

Definitely the most devastating for me is my grandma passing away but I wont talk about it that much since it’s very personal to me.

But you know what, sick people get better. Our loved ones who passed away gets to finally “rest” and be with their loved ones who are gone too. Mourning relatives mourn with each other and they come out stronger. And just like when the fourth quarter in basketball is over, there are those who get to celebrate a glorious victory and there are those who get to take home important lessons from defeat. My point is…

Life goes on.

Continue to strive hard everyday. Enjoy the little things. Learn as much as you can. Rest when you need to and always, always say I love you and thank to people you want to say it too.

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