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No Stock!

The wait continues! It’s Tuesday and I texted DBGadgetes. They are sure nice and they reply almost immediately. I just wish they have better news.

I understand that the Holidays are here. But if I wait until Friday then that means I’ve been waiting for almost a week for them. I texted last weekend and they told me to wait until today, and today they told me to wait until Friday. I’ll be waiting but I’m starting to look for other sellers.

I found this nice listing from eBay.

It costs around 1,000 pesos more but it includes all the freebies that DBGadgets have plus a cleaning kit and their memory card is 8GB. It’s from eBay seller agsbeagle.

I already contacted them. I hope they have units in stock!

Update: I am so stupid! I didn’t realize this package did not include any lens!

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