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Since Jailbreaking Is Legal

In the mid of this year, the US government made Jailbreaking you Apple iOS device legal. I just noticed a little something…

Now look at this article by PC World showing a comparison between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have no special interest on either device and I didn’t even read the whole thing. But I did check out the chart comparison of the devices on the right. *ahem – obvious pwnage by samsung – ahem*

*small spreadsheet rant : they didn’t even align the text in the cells!!!*

Moving on…

Since PC World was so nice to mention the “access to non-(Android)Market apps,” why didn’t they mention the access to Cydia? Since jailbreaking is legal, your iOS device isn’t imprisoned by the App Store anymore.

Yes, Cydia may be a gateway to cr*cked apps but when you think about it, using a vague term “non-Android Maket apps” can pertain to cr*cked software too.

The only difference I can think of is that non-Android Market apps might be available from-the-box. Whereas you have to jailbreak your iPad first to access Cydia. Otherwise PCWorld is just bias against Cydia. What do you think?

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