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Using The Nokia E63

Recently got a chance to use a Nokia E63 and it’s a mixture of good and bad. But mostly good. Hope this goes better than my other review.

The E63 is an low-level E-series phone from Nokia. It was released in 2008 but it’s still in production now. For its price, it’s a steal.


The feel – it feels solid and heavy. It’s not too heavy though, it’s just right. The thickness and size is perfect. It really gives that stable and solid feeling when you are holding it.

Keypad – as with most E-series phones, the keypad is superb. You can type quickly and accurately. It does take a few moments to get used to all the keys and shortcuts but once you’re familiar with everything, texting will be a breeze.

Price – as mentioned before, the price is one of its main selling points. Though it did skip on some stuff, it has a whole package of features. The unit has 3G, Wifi, document viewer and a camera with flash. It also hooks up to a Bluetooth GPS receiver for GPS functionality.

Let there be light – the camera flash doubles as a truty flash light. Very convenient.

The White – I got a chance to use the white model of the Nokia E63 and it looks damn sexy.

The CON’s

No USB – there is no USB cable included in the package. Sucks. Sucks hard.

Jack Cover – the approach to the 3.5mm jack is a little inconvenient. It has a tiny, tiny cover on top that you can easily drop and lose anytime. For regular earphone users like me, that cover will not last two months.

No Video Call – the unit does not have a front-facing camera for video calls. It can still handle video calls and you can see the other party (if their phone has a camera for video calling) but they can’t see you.

The other side of white – Yes, I love the white finish BUT the thing is, you can tell that it’s the type of finish that’ll not age glamorously. Though it looks gorgeous out-of-the-box, when the browning and discoloration sets in, the party’s over.

The Experience – Though it’s straightforward and simple enough, it doesn’t nail everything as expected. I am disappointed with the absence of the ability to enter a URL at default browser when I start browsing. But then again, Opera to the rescue.

Also, Symbian is a little out-dated now. Everyone is going for the iOS, Adnroid and Blackberry OS and for good reasons.

For less than 9,000 pesos, this is really a great value phone. If you don’t mind the things that I listed in the Cons section, I suggest you get this phone if you are planning to get a new one this Holiday season. I was almost sold out because of the look and feel of it but the other things made me look around for more. But that’s just me.

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