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Buying A Fight Stick In The Philippines

I recently bought my first item from an international merchant website. I hope it goes well. I’m really excited.

This is not my first time buying stuff online. I bought a camera from Gadget Grocery and an iPod Touch and cellphone from DBGadgets two years ago. This is, however, the first time I buy from a bigger, internationl merchant where everything is automated and I didn’t have to talk to a person.

I bought a Universal Fighting Stick from

Universal Fightstick: Mayflash

This is the best deal I could find. I scoured through eBay and Amazon. The stick costs $29.90 and the shipping is $18.90 via Fedex. I found a stick at a local mall for 1,000 php but it’s for PS2 only.

I like that I can use it for my PS2 and my computer. If I decide to buy a PS3 in the future for Marvel vs Capcom 3, I can use it too.

But why buy a fight stick? Well, I really want one since I am a big fan of the arcades and fighting games. Even though I really suck at them, I still love playing them. I even bought a second hand PS2 a few years ago just for Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Anyway, I ordered and paid yesterday via Paypal. The order was processed within 24 hours and it was shipped earlier today.

Fedex says I can expect it on Monday, December 6 at around 6:00 PM.

What I love about Play-Asia is that they have video game soundtracks too. I’ve been looking for that live concert DVD with the songs from all of the Final Fantasy games. When I have the time, I’ll scour through Play-Asia and get that DVD. For the mean time, I’m really excited for my fight stick!

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