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I Got My Canon EOS 500D

I haven’t posted in days because was preparing for my cousin’s wedding. And also, I got this in the mail the other day.

I was pleasantly awaken by good news the other day. The LBC delivery guy was at our doorstep with my Canon EOS 500D.

The thing was in a surprisingly small yet well-taped package. I remember seeing DSLR packaging on the Internet that’s almost two feet long. But that’s not important right now.

The thing is heavily covered in tape and bubble wrap. (OMFG, bubble wrap!)

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
The little box that it came in

Canon EOS 500D unboxing

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
Even with all that bubble wrap, the upper right part of the box is still dented. Good thing nothing happened to the unit.

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
Look at all the bubble wrap that it came in

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
Opening the box for the first time and the freebies (2 gb memort card, screen guard and DSLR bag)

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
The battery, AV cable and charger cable

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
The neck strap, battery charger and USB cable

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
The Canon EOS 500D bocy and 18-55 mm lens

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
The whole mess of crap that is my bed after I open the thing. This is one of the first shots I took using my new camera!

Bonus – Instructions Fail!

Canon EOS 500D unboxing
This is on the free Screen Guard. The Number 2 sticker is the red one.

Woot! I’m learning how to use the camera and the lens. I’m still learning how to navigate the camera and how to go to the different settings. But I can already say that it’s a big leap from the Canon A590 IS which is my old camera.

Thanks again to Deric Sy from TipidPC for this amazing deal. If you want to buy gadgets online, try contacting him. Very good seller!

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