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If There Was Internet During The First Christmas

Interesting to see how the Nativity characters would have used the Internet if it was around back then.

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Ang Tunay Na Lalake ay Laging May Extra Rice

Inspired by the Tunay Na Lalake blog. I think I saw this in Calamba or Sto. Tomas, Batangas. From their Manifesto:#3 – Ang tunay na lalake ay laging may extra rice. Siguradong Tunay na Lalake ang karinderyang ito.

Is HayMen Dying?

Is HayMen dead? HayMen – Ang Blog Ng Tunay Na Lalake.The blog sky rocketed to fame on April – May 2009. Every other blogger was talking about it and links were abundant in Facebook – some even coming from celebrities. But I noticed that HayMen is not able to sustain the the fame. The blog […]