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LG KM555 Cookie Wifi For Sale

I am selling my LG KM555e Cookie Wifi. Bought last May 9, 2010.

The package includes :

LG KM555 unit
Original Battery
Original Box
Original Paper Bag
Original Charger
Original Earphones – defective
Original Software and Manual
1 gb memory card
Receipt and Warranty papers

*USB cable NOT included. Why isn’t the USB cable included? My girlfriend bought a Nokia E63 and there is no USB cable included so we are using the USB cable for her phone as well.*

Screen is practically 100% smooth – newly replaced screen protector. The back has scratches due to everyday use. USB port has a physical issue – please refer to the picture. No effect on performance.

Battery life lasts one day with regular use, shorter if you use power-intensive functions like Wifi and media player. ‘Short’ battery life (compared to other phones) is due to the touch screen. Touch screen phones consume a LOT of battery juice.

Pictures –

LG KM555 earphones

LG KM555 earphones

LG KM555 earphones

LG KM555 earphones
The RIGHT earphone is louder than the LEFT one. I don’t know why.

LG KM555 charger

LG KM555 charger

LG KM555 charger

Unit itself :
LG KM555
The VOLUME UP button is a little stiff but you can always adjust the volume via the screen.

LG KM555

LG KM555

LG KM555

LG KM555

USB Port issue :
LG KM555

LG KM555

Unit NOT abused. This port is opened often because the charger and USB cable is plugged in this port. No effect on funtionality.

Paper bag:
LG KM555 paper bag
This is the paper bag that it came in. I am NOT selling the unit illustrated on the bag. I am selling an LG KM555 Cookie Wifi.

Receipt and warranty:
LG KM555 receipt and warranty

LG KM555 receipt and warranty
I blurred out some of the information for security. You can check everything when I send you the item.

Software and Manual:

Practically unused software and manual.

The box:

Price is 4,000 Php. Payment is through bank deposit or Paypal. FREE shipping. If you are interested, contact me using the form below. Thanks for reading. Good day. 🙂

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