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MMFF Awards – Lower Your Standards In Order To Win

I normally don’t watch local films because well… I don’t like them except for maybe a few movies once in a while. So naturally I don’t have any interest whatsoever on the Metro Manila Film Festival. The most recent one, however, generated more buzz more than usual.

I quote one of the judges :

Tanging Ina is a less ambitious project compared to Rosario, but director Wenn, writer Mel and even lead actress Ai-Ai and supporting actress Eugene Domingo were able to achieve their goal. It is a comedy and it is very effective as one — plus it pushed for Filipino values, which is part of the criteria for Best Picture.

Translation : strive for mediocre projects and if you succeed at being mediocre, you’ll win an award. Bravo, local film!

In the case of Ai-Ai, the role that won her Best Actress was tailor-made for her. She doesn’t waste any of the creative and humorous scenes that she was made to execute in the movie. Her film is a comedy and it is right up her alley. She is Tanging Ina and gives it her all.

Translation : write a character that is tailor-made for an actor/actress so the actor or actress won’t have any challenges at all and we can’t really see if he or she did a shining performance. That’s how you win a beset actor / actress award.

However I do agree with some of the points made:

The part of Rosario is a role of a lifetime. It is a difficult one that called for a long preparation and a series of workshops. That required her to look coquettish and flirtatious. The judges didn’t see that on screen. For heaven’s sake, she doesn’t even know how to hold a cigarette — when the character is supposed to be ahead of her time and one who smokes and smokes like it’s second nature to her character.

I believe getting into character is very important. This includes accents, gestures and body language. If they deem that the crowd favorite did not portray the character well enough, that is a very valid reason, in my opinion, for them not to give her the award or at least a nomination.

I have not watched any of the films. But this isn’t about me thinking if the awards were given to the people or not. It’s about me thinking how lame and weak the process of choosing the winners are.

Where is an Alex Tioseco when you need one? I didn’t really knew him very well, but when I read about him and I read his blog, I feel that he is very passionate and knowledgeable about films. …and I mean films and not just ‘movies’ that are yearly ‘manufactured’ by media-giants.

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