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My Amnesia Girl

Surprising, I know. I never liked Filipino movies. It’s just not my cup of tea. I was ‘forced’ to see this movie. And to be honest, I thought I was gonna sleep through it. But I was wrong. I’m really glad I was dragged in to see this film. Spoiler alert.

My Amnesia Girl

People’s first reaction to the movie is that it’s a copycat of 50 First Dates. And I can’t blame people for thinking that. The local film industry has done it before, several times. And I must admit that there are a few bits borrowed from the Drew Barrymore flick, but My Amnesia Girl has the right stand on its own. The teaser plot might make it sound like 50 First Dates but it’s a whole different movie. And I can’t stress that enough.

I guess I liked it so much because I had an expectation that it will suck. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. I don’t mind paying the couple of hundred bucks I spent.

One of the best things in the movie for me is Toni Gonzaga. Toni has always been the epitome of the funny and sexy Filipina for me. Ever since her days in Eat Bulaga, she has proven time and again how funny she was and still is. But in this movie we get to see how sexy she is. She might have made some ‘cosmetic adjustments’ on her body but I don’t care. She looks HOT in this movie, especially as the short-haired Irene.

But I’ll be honest – My Amnesia Girl, like most movies, has its own hits and misses. As much as I love cheesy Pinoy pickup lines, it’s overused in this movie. There are certainly cute moments but there are also cheesy moments that I felt were awkward and unnecessary. I loved the pickup lines at the end of the movie though. They should have just put more cheesy lines during the ending credits instead of trying to cram them in the movie. My Amnesia Girl has a certain level of predictability too. But then again, I never expected it to be some deep and plot-heavy suspense-thriller.

I also noticed this new thing – these little ‘romanticute’ moments. It’s almost equivalent to slapstick. A slapstick comedic moment is quick, simple and instantly gives out a giggle or two. Romanticute moments are quick, simple and instantly give you the ‘aawww cute‘ or ‘aawww sweet‘ feeling.

If you are a fan of the local romantic comedies, you have to see this. And even if you’re not a fan, I suggest you go out and see it. You might be pleasanntly surprised.

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