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My Stick Is Here

After wondering what happened to the joystick I bought from, I finally got it today!

I got an early text message at 7am but I was only able to reply at around 9am and at around 11am, the package got here. The calls I got yesterday were from them too. They were actually a few hours early but they could not contact me. I wished they had texted me though. But that’s ok, I got the joystick anyway.

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
Tha Package

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
After opening the box. Swimming in styro

Mayflash Universtal Joystick

Mayflash Universtal Joystick

This picture does not do justice to the stick. It looks a lot better than this. For a moment, I felt like a little child with a new toy. I loved it. I missed that feeling.

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
A closer look.

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
Behind the packaging

It’s a Mayflash universal joystick for the PS2 / PS3 / PC. The packaging says it works for the GameCube, Xbox360 and Wii, too. After unboxing the item, I immediately tested it on my PS2 and played a little Marvel vs Capcom 2. It’s a little noisy with the clicking sounds but it works great! I tried it on my laptop too. The installation and configuration is very simple and straightforward. I played a little Street Fighter 3.

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
Newly opened

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
The buttons

Mayflash Universtal Joystick
The software and instructions for computer use

It’s no Seimitsu or Sanwa but for its price, it’s a steal. The sad thing is I had a little ‘trouble’ with the Fedex delivery. If not for that, this would have been a completely positive experience. At least I learned something. I’ll just take it with a grain of salt and enjoy my new toy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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