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My Very Cool BrewRATS Shirt

I am a fan of the BrewRATS. It all started when I discovered Strangebrew back in college. Strangebrew was funny as hell and I quickly fell in love with Angel Rivero. When I heard they were on the radio, I was thrilled. And they still got it.

Though I never really listened to them back then because we don’t get Manila radio stations here, I still consider myself as a fan. Even if there was u92.3 live stream, I didn’t really catch them because streaming media eats bandwidth and I’m busy doing something else. Nowadays, I just catch their webcasts and TV appearances.

This Holiday Season, I got something awesome! It’s a BrewRATS Shirt! I got it from my brother and his wife. Yay Ramon Bautista, Angel Rivero and Tado!

By the inuman table but NOT drinking and unable to taste the pulutan. (huhu colds) good thing I have an awesome shirt

BrewRATS Shirt

BrewRATS Shirt
My self-shot with my shirt! lol

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