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No Stock, No Reply And Other Amazing Camera Deals

Today, I texted DBGadgets again to confirm if they’re gonna have Canon Kiss X3 stocks tomorrow. They don’t. The pressure of the Holiday Season is really on!

While I really love the fact that they reply in an instant, I really wish they’d have more good news, but there are none.

So I scoured TipidPC and Multiply for the best camera deals in the Philippines. I made a little list.

Camera deals

correction: Jptech price should be 29,000.

The deals look very tempting so I texted the sellers of the most competitive packages. But none of them are replying, yet. Damn, I thought it’d be easy to find a good store.

Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Update : Jptech replied and I was on the fence but they don’t deliver with insurance. 🙁

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