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SM Malls Free Wifi Now Requires Registration

I was waiting the other day at SM Batangas so I took advantage of their free Wifi to pass the time. Usually I would just take out my iPod and start surfing. But the other day, I was surprised.

They now require registration. It’s annoying if you’re using a mobile device like I was because of the sign-up process.

I guess they decided to maximize the free service they are giving. The registration requires you have one of their SM cards like the SM Advantage Card or use an email address. I have an SM Advantage Card but I didn’t feel like taking out. I used my email address to sign-up for the free Wifi. This means there is a possibility that I’ll get a ton of promotional emails from them soon (not cool).

I’m guessing the change is also a part of a customer research program because thay had a survey that I filled up.

It’s a hassle to register for the first time. But hey, it’s still free Internet so we can’t really complain.

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