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Welcome, Baby Royce!

Today, we welcome another member of our family. Welcome, Royce Eitan!

This quarter has not really been so good for us. But just like I said, Life Goes On. And things are starting to look better already. This day, we welcome a new soul to the world, a new member of our family.

The baby was due December 18. But just like his big sister, he could not wait to see the world. Royce’s elder sister came out three weeks early so he decided he’d do something similar. My sister (Royce’s mom) was just going in for a check-up earlier today. But the doctor told her that the baby was on its way. And sure enough, Royce is with us now. He looks just like his older sister.

Here are some photos I took while at the hospital. I took some photos and tried to upload them using my phone since there was free Wifi at the hospital. But the signal was no good. I only managed to upload one photo, and my iPod can’t even connect to the Hotspot. I was not able to take a picture of the baby since he was still in the nursery.

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