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What I Learned About International Shipping From Buying My Joystick

I am very happy with my new toy. That much I admit. But there were a few things that I wished had gone better

First of all, props to Fedex for early delivery. I mentioned that someone called me yesterday afternoon at 1pm. It was Fedex. They were a few hours early since the ETA was at 6pm. I just wished they had texted me too so that I knew it was them. I wasn’t able to answer any of their calls. But that’s ok.

Fedex Delivery

Fedex Delivery

Fedex Delivery

That’s why the tracking system said I could not be reached. I emailed them last night before going to sleep and I got a reply this morning. I read the email after I replied to the Fedex text that I got. I was shocked with the email.

Fedex Delivery

I had no idea what these Duties, taxes and other local charges were! I did not see this in the Play-asia and Fedex website anywhere! The amount totaled to 1,543.37 Php which is around $35. It’s more expensive than the joystick itself!

The fee is broken down as follows:

Fedex Delivery

Fedex Delivery

Customs Froms and Stamps – 315.00 Php
Duties & Taxes – 779.00 Php
Storage Fee – 449.37 Php

Wow! 779 Pesos for taxes.

So I spent –

Joystick – $29.90
Shipping – $18.90
Other local fees – $35.00

Total – $82.8 or 3,617 Php for a new joystick.

I have no problem paying this fee. If I have to pay, I’ll pay. I just wished I knew about it from the start. Play-asia and Fedex both have sophisticated websites adn services and I wasn’t even made aware of this. It’s not like me to ignore little messages. But I guess it’s just me being a newbie in international shipping. At least I learned my lesson.

If you are buying stuff online from outside the Philippines, make sure it’s worth it.

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