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Bamboo Manalac Quits? The Group Disbands.

The news is all over the Internet. Former Rivermaya frontman and currently(?) Bamboo lead Bamboo Manalac has quit his band.

The odd thing is that the band is named “Bamboo.” If the rumors are true, I think the band will disband, no point in getting a new front man. But even if it’s true, I hope they do a The Dawn thing and come back together.

The only ‘solid’ proof I found so far is this picture from the Facebook Page.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Update: To clear things the band is moving on and and are disbanding, not just the vocalist. Still, very sad. Thanks, anon commenter.

Update 2: Mainstream news have picked this up and they’re all saying that the band did go on their separate ways but as far as I know, there’s no official word from the group yet.

Update 3: It is official.

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  1. wla bang farewell concert? do you know how we feel right now? have you think of your die hard craziest fans of yours before doing this? cmon MEN! give us at least a farewell concert.. i cant even eat richt now, be a MAN show us you care for us too, thank you is not enough.. GOD BLESS PEACE!