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First Bamboo, Now Ebe Dancel Of Sugarfree And Champ Lui Pio Of Hale Quits

First, rumors came out that Bamboo is quitting his band. But it was later clarified that he isn’t quitting, rather the group is disbanding. Now Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel is going his separate ways from his band and so is Champ Lui Pio from Hale.

I know these guys are adults and they have thought about their decisions and they have really good reasons for doing what they did. Still, it’s very sad when you hear about established groups in local music having subtractions in their lineups.

Videos: Kung Wala Ka – Hale
Burnout – Sugarfree

These groups are very dear to me as they were the bands that I listen to back in college. I had hoped that they’d be around with their original lineup much longer.

The only band that I know that stays faithful to its original lineup since day one is Parokya Ni Edgar. I sure hope they stay that way for as long as they are making music.

Fun Fact: Hale’s guitarist, Roll, is from Batangas City. We went to the same school in elementary. He’s one year older than me.

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  1. what’s happening to the local rock scene? no NU and now 3 bands are either changing line ups or disbanding.. tsk tsk.