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Hot and Cold Cafe Batangas City – More Than Just Coffee

Just last night, I had coffee at Hot & Cold in Batangas City.

The interior of the place looks like something you won’t find in the area. It’s strategically placed within the heart of Batangas City‘s ‘subdivision district.’ Its target demographic are those coffee lovers who don’t want to travel all the way out to the city’s other coffee places. You know what I’m talking about.

But as the place’s tag line suggest, they’re more than just coffee. They serve full rice meals and more. They also serve alcohol but they limit it to three cans. Their pricing is just like most coffee shops so if you’re like me, it’s more of a weekend chill spot rather than an everyday destination.

Hot and Cold Batangas City

“More than just coffee”

Baby Back Ribs Hot and Cold Batangas City
Baby Back Ribs with Mashed Potato

Cookies n Cream Frap from Hot and Cold
I made the mistake of ordering a cold drink late at night. I wasn’t able to finish this because I started to feel really cold. I ordered a Cookies n Cream Frap.

Hot and Cold Batangas City
They have tables outside for their smoking customers. We ate outside because my brother smokes. This is probably another reason why I felt so cold while drinking my Frap.

Hot and Cold Batangas City

Hot Coffee. I don’t know what they ordered, but this is some espresso or latte. I should have just ordered this. Maybe next time.

I wish I could have taken more photos but my camera died on me because I was trying out home-made flash diffusers the day before. Will blog about those soon.

Hot and Cold

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