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I Can Has Site Links!

Yay! This is quite a feat for me!

This blog now has Site Links for the keyword carlo dimaandal.

Site Links Carlo Dimaandal

I was checking the search results on my iPod last night for the keyword carlo dimaandal and I saw them. I wasn’t sure if they were site links because there were only four of them and they didn’t look like normal site links. But I checked my Webmaster Tools I confirmed that they were indeed site links.

Site Links Carlo Dimaandal

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  1. Great. But has it resulted in more traffic?
    Does this mean you have become an authority site?
    I am asking because I have a site link for my site.

  2. I don’t know about being an authority site, this is just a personal blog after all. But because Google loved me a little bit more, there was a slight increase in traffic. 🙂