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It’s Never Too Late To Get Into New Stuff

I thought I was set on my musical taste. I already have a variety of interests in music. I listen to most everything except overly pop and electronic music. Or so I thought.

No, I still don’t listen to overly pop music. But I’m getting into more electronic music. Ok not really electronic music but just music from one man – Ronald Jenkees. I was first fascinated with his video where he made a keyboard sound like a guitar.

He played this really amazing beat. Now this song which he calls ‘Guitar Sound‘ is being covered by YouTube guitarist. You know you’re creating good music when people cover your stuff. That’s how good Ronald is.

I liked him more when I found that he also did a version of one of my all time favorite songs – Canon in D.

Though probably every YouTube musician covers this piece, I still think that Ronald’s version is pretty damn good. Too bad there’s no full version of his cover on YouTube. Good thing you can buy music on his website using Paypal! Finally an online music store that sells using Paypal.

He insists that music should be fun and people should have fun making and listening to music. And I agree. He creates these really unique and crazy beats that I just find so catchy. Most of his videos have a few million views each. His ‘Guitar Sound’ video (currently) has over 7 million views.

Sad thing is that he has been on hiatus for a while now. His last work was from September last year and it wasn’t even posted on YouTube. I just saw it on his Twitter and Facebook and I’m not even sure if it’s really him.

I never thought I’d like this type of music. But hey, when I first heard Bossa I few years back, I was thinking I would never like anything like that.

It’s really never too late to learn and like something new. You just have to keep an open mind. There is nothing wrong with discovering and liking something you’ve never took interest to before, it doesn’t make you appreciate the things you like now any less. In fact, it’s a positive thing. The more things you like, the happier and more positive person you are.

Stay positive, stay open, stay happy. 🙂

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