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A Must For Everyone – LCD Screen Cleaning Kit From CD-R King

Buying a DSLR camera took a toll on my hard drive. I knew larger sized pictures would take up a lot of space, I just didn’t know it would eat up that much space that fast.

So I was at our local CD-R King store at SM City Batangas and I bought a few blank DVD’s to burn some stuff off my hard drive and I saw something I didn’t plan on buying – a CD-R King LCD Screen Cleaning Kit.

LCD Screen Cleaning Kit From CD-R King

Since I remembered that my laptop’s screen badly needs cleaning, I got one kit.

LCD Screen Cleaning Kit From CD-R King

I opened the kit when I got home and cleaned my laptop screen and I was impressed. It looks really good. The directions mentioned that you can also use it for cleaning CD’s and DVD’s, mobile phone screens and practically any type of glass.

LCD Screen Cleaning Kit From CD-R King

LCD Screen Cleaning Kit From CD-R King

I quickly proceeded to clean our mirrors so that it won’t have any annoying smudges. I then cleaned my phone and my iPod. I also used it to clean my eyeglasses. It’s really, really useful stuff. The small container looks like it’ll last a long way.

This is definitely a must-have for anyone who has laptops, gadgets or mobile phones or practically anyone who has mirrors on their house!

One drawback is that since it cleans your device, any scratches will become very visible.

Did I mention that the whole kit costs only 30 Php!? Though CD-R King is infamously known for having lower quality products, this is one product that I can definitely recommend!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid or anything to write this post.

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  1. hey, look nice. i known this since october but i didnt buy one. i have a question, can it clean “stains” on the lcd screen? portions of my screen was stained when i had it splashed with “agua oxigenada” lol