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My Free Domain Is Almost Expiring

Almost one year ago, I was browsing through some forums and I found a post containing information on getting a free .com domain. I was very skeptical but I thought that I had nothing to lose by trying it. So I did.

I tried the service and I got a free .com domain. I used my first and last name so I didn’t have to worry about domain name availability. Unfortunately, it’s just for one year. I learned a lot from that too. It was the first time I got my own domain name. It was pretty cool. I learned how to set-up cnames and stuff like that.

However, in two months, that domain name will expire. As happy as I was with them, I won’t be renewing the service from the domain name provider. Their .com domain names are too expensive for me. I wanted to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy but I hear a lot of not-so-good news from them. And their website interface is not so user-friendly. I will just transfer to Namecheap. As the name implies, they have cheap domain names and I hear generally good news about them.

When I transfer this domain name in March, it’ll be the first time that I’ll be transferring domain name providers. I hope it goes well.

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This domain is retiring. In the next couple of weeks, this domain will be retired. The blog will revert to its original free domain. will point to something new and more interesting. Even if the shift might have disastrous effects on my Page Rank, it doesn’t really bother me that much. Mostly because I […]


  1. Is this the website you are talking about?. I thought free domains comes only from blogspot or wordpress. Nice site you have here even though you acquire it for free.

  2. Yup this is the site I’m talking about. This is actually a Blogspot blog. But I got a free .com domain from Gandi last March 2010.

    You can also get free domains from .tk and 🙂