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Online Shopping

I love online shopping. Online shopping is a couch potato’s dream come true. But seriously, it provides lots of perks that regular shopping can only dream of offering to buyers and consumers. Unfortunately, that is not to say that online shopping is without a flaw. Everything, after all, has its ups and downs.

One thing I love about online shopping is that, for the most part, it offers everything regular shopping does. I mean, you pick stuff, you pay for them, you get your stuff. Simple. Just like regular shopping, online shopping can offers sales and discounts too. If regular shopping has promos and coupons like City Sights NY Coupon, online shopping offers that too.

But the thing I really love about online shopping is that it’s practically effortless. You just sit in front of your computer and make a selection, you pay for them, you wait for it to be shipped and you get to enjoy your purchase. Online shopping offers a lot of opportunities too. You can buy things not available in your area without having to travel. You may have to pay for shipping but that would be just like paying for the cost of your own transportation minus the hassle. Online shopping channels also offer ‘online only’ promos that you won’t find in regular stores. Another thing I like about online shopping is that you can do intensive research about the product you want to buy and the store you are buying from. You can’t really research on a brand or a product that you see for the first time while you are at a store. You have to ask friends and do some research yourself first. You can avoid this while shopping online since you have the power of Internet search with you. You can just type in a phrase on a search engine search box and learn more about a new product that you saw.

On the flipside, online shopping does have its disadvantages. Since the purchase goes through a lot of channels, potential for something going wrong is higher. Something can go wrong on the merchant website, something can go wrong with the payment processor or something can go wrong in the shipping. Speaking of which, since the items are to be shipped, you can’t enjoy your new product until it gets to your house. Sure there are 24-hour deliveries but they usually cost extra and for some people, it’s still too much of a wait. The before-purchase observation is also non-existent. If you are buying something you have never used or seen before in person, there is a chance that the item might not be as exciting as it was advertised when you get your hands on it. You might opt to return it which is also one of the hard parts of online shopping. When you opt to return something you bought online, there’s the trouble of shipping the item again and contacting the seller or manufacturer. And what if they said that the problem was with the shipping and not the products?

But at the end of the day, it’s still about the buyer and their preference. Both traditional and online shopping offers its own perks and downfalls. It’s up to buyer’s preference how they would spend their money.

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