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Play BattleStations (Facebook) Full Screen

I recently started playing Battle Stations on Facebook because of some friends. They kept talking about it one inuman session and that sparked my interest. And I have to say, it’s fun!

Actually, I started playing BattleStations on Facebook in November 2010. But I never got to it more. Then after that inuman session, I really got into it.

If you want to play Battlestations on Full Screen, here is what you do –

First click here. Make sure that you are already logged-in on Facebook.

Then press F11.

Battle Stations Battlestations Facebook Full Screen

That is still the same game. It’s just embedded on Facebook.

But why play Full Screen? Well, is bypasses a few welcome screens and takes you straight to the action. You also don’t see any Facebook ads on the side, it’s just the game in all its glory.

As you can see, I’m a Level 41 Pirate. I’m going for the Gunner build. I still have a long way to go. I also don’t have a clan yet. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear it. 🙂

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  1. Hi Carlo,

    Tim of EPC Here. You’ll be surprised to know that I maintain a Game Blog hehehe. Anyway, this is one of the early games that we covered. Pirates are rather weak at the early levels, I’m not sure once you reach 100+. The two powerhouses in BattleStations are Scout and Soldier.

  2. As of now, I can only fight Mechanics and Soldiers. Scouts are really hard to fight because they’re so fast. Sometimes I can’t even land a hit. I’m at level 47 and still have much to learn.