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Printing Middleman

I just found a potential business venture. One of these days, I’ll probably implement it. It looks really lucrative.

We all know that in businesses, the middleman causes the added price on goods. A lot of people are not happy about that and neither am I. But instead of hating them, why not learn from them or be one of them?

You see, I found this really nice shirt printing service on the Internet. They do a really amazing job. I guess they also print other stuff like company checks or something. They also provide good quality shirts. Often times, when you get custom-printed shirts, the shirts are really of mediocre quality. But that’s not the case with this particular shop. The best part about them is that their price is really low. One shirt costs only around 200 Php. But if you see the shirt, it looks like it sells for 400 – 500 Php.

This shop doesn’t have a proper Internet presence. They have a Facebook account and a free website from I guess that works for them. I was thinking of creating a strong web presence for the service. I’d buy a domain and establish a proper social media experience for them.

I actually have two options – one is I set up my own store and take in orders. I then source those orders from this other store I’m talking about. OR I can just establish a social media presence for this store. I am reluctant about the second option because I’m thinking it’s gonna pay less. But I’ll definitely think about it.

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