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Printing My Own Designs

Lately, I have the urge to print my own shirts. After I got my cool BrewRATS shirt, I want to have more shirts with cool designs! I have a number of interests like music, video games and other stuff that I have in mind as designs. Hell, I’d even use cheesy lines or even those borderline offensive remarks.

With a myriad of cheap printer cartridges nowadays, I figure that ink used for these custom shirts can’t be too expensive right? I mean, that BrewRATS shirt of mine only costs around 200 Pesos including the shirt. I figure that I might ruin a couple of shirts learning the method but once master it, it’s got to be worth it. Also, the Internet is full of awesome designs that I can use.

What’s got me wondering is “how exactly does it work?” I am hoping the process includes as little liquids as possible because I am a clumsy person and dealing with liquids and containers is not really my cup of tea. On the other hand if the process is like just ironing-on, then it most likely will not look very good. Those iron-on designs often look washed-out and the design doesn’t really stay on that long.

Anyway, when I get around to it, I’d really love to give it a try!

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