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Calumpang Bridge, Calumpang River and Basilica dela Immaculada Concepcion Photo Walk

Today I had my first ever photo walk with a photo enthusiast friend. He is more experienced than me and he was kind enough to teach me technical and practical stuff about taking pictures in public.

As per my suggestion, we went to the Calumpang Bridge and took photos of the Calumpang River and the bridge itself. I’m having a hard time thinking where else in Batangas City can we go for a photo walk or photo shoot. I had my 500D and he brought his D90.

We had planned to take pictures as the sun was rising but we were a bit late and the sun was already up when we got to the riverbank. And worse, it was all foggy.

Anyway here are the best shots I got from the activity:

Calumpang Riverbank Calumpang River Calumpang Bridge Calumpang Bridge Fishermen Basilica dela Immaculada Concepcion Street Light Basilica dela Immaculada Concepcion Fountain

As you can see, after we left Calumpang, we took a few shots at the Basilica dela Immaculada Concepcion.

One of the things I learned from today’s experience is that when people start asking you questions why you’re randomly taking pictures of everthing you see, just smile and be nice and tell them something like you’re practicing for a contest or something. Then afterwards, leave. Go to a new spot. Hehe

Here are more photos of the Calumpang bridge.

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  1. terrific shots.. stay in Batangas for photo shoots for a while. maybe you can get other native interested with the town again.

    try mo din kumuha ng pics ng mga pangit na lugar. wag lang ung magagandang scenes. challenge yan kung lalabas na maganda ang pic kahit pangit ang kinukunan…