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How To View Photos In Facebook The Old Way (No Lightbox Effect)

Personally, I do not like the new Facebook photo viewer. But I’m not gonna go on an Internet rage and hate and all that shiz. I have my reasons.

1. It’s slow as hell. I guess it’s cause it’s still new and they’re working out all the kinks.

2. It’s disorienting. Again, because it’s new. I’m so used to a new page opening and not a floating window with a dark background.

3. I can’t grab the image URL quickly. Right-clicking on the picture in the new lightbox-style Facebook photo viewer won’t give you an option to grab the image URL quickly.

So how do we get the old Facebook photo viewer? Very simple, when you see the thumbnail of the picture you want to look at, do NOT click on it. Instead, right-click on it and choose “Open in New Tab” on the menu. The exact command might be different depending on the browser you are using but you get the idea. You can also use the third-click button on your mouse. It’s usually the scroll button. Using the mouse’s third click button to click on a link is equivalent to the “Open in New Tab” command.

Once you’re on the old style photo viewer, do NOT click on the picture to view the next image. Use the Previous and Next links on the top right corner.

I’ve seen solutions out there suggesting to reload the page, edit the URL or install a Chrome extension. But this is the easiest way for me.

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