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Bamboo Manalac Quits? The Group Disbands.

The news is all over the Internet. Former Rivermaya frontman and currently(?) Bamboo lead Bamboo Manalac has quit his band. The odd thing is that the band is named “Bamboo.” If the rumors are true, I think the band will disband, no point in getting a new front man. But even if it’s true, I […]

Eraserheads FINAL SET DVD release being stopped by Telco giant SMART

The concert sponsor is allegedly halting the release of the reunion concert Final Set DVD.Smart Communications does not want the DVD to be released and would rather have fans directed to their web site for viewing. What a bunch of assholes! Aside from ensuring that there would be no gig for the Heads for the […]


Listen ” Treachery” Download for free ” Treachery” mp3 Lyrics: I can tell that you’ve never been true to meI can smell that you’re acting so fearfullyI can hear what you’re hoping I want to hearI can feel the alarm bells are ringing in meI can touch but I know you don’t feel a thingI […]